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Agora Budapest Parking Pass

With our long-term, discounted parking, you can park easily and conveniently at any time. Whether you're an early riser or a night owl, we're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Parking Passes

Monthly pass (24/7): 60 000 HUF
Monthly night pass (Monday-Friday: 18:00-8:00, weekends 24/7): 30 000 HUF
Monthly business pass (Monday-Friday: 7:00-19:00): 50 000 HUF

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Further steps

Come to the reception of Agora Budapest HUB 3 (1138 Budapest, Esztergomi út 31-39.) or Tower 1 (1133 Budapest, Váci út 116-118.), don't forget to bring your ID with you!

Only credit card payment is accepted at our reception. After paying your pass, you will be registered in our parking system.

Your monthly pass will be a QR code that you will receive by email. 

Where is the parking lot?


Frequently asked questions

When and where can I purchase parking passes?

After the online registration, the price of the Parking Pass can be paid in person via credit card only at the reception desks of the Agora Budapest Tower 1 (Budapest, Váci út 116-118.) & HUB 3 (Budapest, Esztergomi street 31-39. 1138) office buildings on working days between 7:00 – 19:00 - indicated in the e-mail. 

What types of parking passes can be purchased?

Several Parking Passes with different conditions are available, their actual conditions (types and prices) are available on the website:

What is the format of the parking pass I am receiving?

The parking pass will be sent via e-mail as an electronic QR code, which can be used in its virtual and printed form as well.

What is the validity period for buying a parking pass?

Each Parking Pass can be purchased with any starting date, with a minimum validity period of 30 days and a maximum validity period of 90 days.

Is an automatically renewable parking pass available?

For now, only fixed-term passes are available, but they can be valid for up to 90 days.

How can I use my parking pass?

When entering or leaving the Agora Public Parking Lot, you need to read your valid parking pass via the QR readers located at the entrance.

I added my license plate number when I bought the parking pass, do I still need to scan my QR code upon entrance?

In the event that the system recognizes the pre-registered number plate, the barrier is automatically opened, so there is no need to activate the Parking Pass separately.

I work at Agora and my number plate is already registered for the company lottery. Can I still use the season ticket in this case?

If you are working in the building of the AGORA Budapest project and your license plate number is already included in the building's parking system, it cannot be added to the parking pass. In such a case, the QR code must be scanned when entering the car park.

Why do I need to register online?
Registering online will make the process of issuing your pass much easier when you come to pay for it in person.
Can I only buy parking passes in person?

Yes, for the time being, it is available for purchase only in person at the reception desks of Agora Tower 1 & HUB 3 office buildings on working days between 7:00 and 19:00.

Can I pay by cash for the parking passes?

No, you can only pay by credit/debit card.

Why do I need my ID documents to make a purchase?

Reception staff may request a photo ID to clearly identify you and avoid potential abuse. In the event of refusal to do so, the Parking Pass will not be issued until the credible proof of their identity is provided.

My company would pay my parking pass, can I request a company invoice?

Of course, however, please make sure you notify our staff of your request before payment, as we are unable to modify your invoice afterwards.

I forgot to renew my parking pass and I can't get out of the parking lot before it expires. What should I do?

If you park beyond the expiry date, the current parking fee will be automatically charged to you, payable at the parking machines based on your license plate number.

I have sold my car and would like to register a new license plate, is this possible?

For one Parking Pass only 1 license plate could be assigned, which may be changed only once during the validity period by sending an e-mail to

Where can I park my car at the Agora parking lot?

You may only use the parking spaces located on level -1 of the Agora Public Parking Lot, except if they are reserved for others by means of a sign. If you are occupying a space reserved for another tenant, you shall pay a penalty of HUF 10 000 per occasion (incl. VAT).